Thank you for visiting my store! I hope you enjoy browsing through it, and that you find products that you love for yourself or for someone special in your life!

I created this store, as I was healing from cancer and chemo, to offer beautiful and inspiring products, with the intention of empowering people to live their lives in full bloom.

My store currently offers designs in the enlifenment retro collection, available on tote bagsmouse pads, mugs, and posters, with more designs and additional products to be added on a consistent basis, and designs on yoga leggings, rash guards, tank tops, tank dresses, lightweight beanies/chemo hats, bucket hats, and tote bags in The FLOWER LOVE Collection, which was inspired by my absolute love for flowers, and The EARTH LOVE Collection, which was inspired by my love for the Earth. The word love. line offers clean black-and-white one-word designs on tote bags, mugs, mouse pads, and small stuffed animals.

I created all of the designs on the products so they are original and exclusive to my store, and I did countless hours of research to find the highest-quality items to put them on. I love each and every product and design, and use and wear them every day in my life, making my life more fun and beautiful! I hope they bring joy to your life and inspiration to your days, my friends and fellow dreamers!


Marie Kukula

Artist, Author, Activist, Poet, Dreamer

P.S. I wrote a book called THE SPIRIT FACTOR that is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions. The book takes you on the transformational 9-year journey I went on when I immersed myself in nature to write it, and shares the valuable information I discovered, as well as the many things I let go of, and the the powerful universal truths I learned, resulting in identifying the eleven most-common obstructions that prevent us from reaching our full potential. In the book, I explain how I discovered each obstruction then removed or minimized them in my life, experiencing life-changing results as I did, and realizing the limitless possibilities to create exponential change in our lives and in the world when we individually and collectively do this. If you want to discover the limitless potential of the human spirit, THE SPIRIT FACTOR (you can click on the link to purchase the book) is for you!